Best Water Ionizers 2018 Review

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Best Water Ionizers 2018 Review

What’s new in water ionizers for 2018

Life Ionizers – Most improved water ionizers for 2018! This year the big news is Life’s new Molecular Hydrogen XL technology. We found that Life’s new MXL Series water ionizer machines make more molecular hydrogen than any other brand we've reviewed. Life overcame the #1 problem that hydrogen water machines face: Scale build up. Most hydrogen machines quickly become clogged with scale and then stop making hydrogen. Life's new Clean Tek technology stops scale build up. In our testing the MXL-7 made more molecular hydrogen than any other competing seven plate ionizer.

What we like:

  • ·        Upgraded Electrodialysis Chambers – Better pH and -ORP
  • ·        Large bottle filling attachment for LC-11 commercial ionizers
  • ·        Molecular Hydrogen XL technology: You get a lot of hydrogen and no scale build up!

Jupiter Sciences– What’s in a name? The Jupiter Sciences line remains unchanged from 2017. The only thing that’s changing is the company name – from Jupiter Sciences to Alkaviva Inc.

Jupiter hasn’t upgraded their technology in recent years. Some industry experts have speculated that this is due to financial weakness at the company. Based on Jupiter’s sudden decision to change its name, we recommend avoiding it for now.

What we like:

·        Jupiter continues to be a reliable, well-built ionizer

Enagic – More multi-level marketing, no technology upgrades. Enagic had made no upgrades to their line of water ionizers. This is despite the fact that they are built using 1990's technology. The only thing different with Enagic this year is that they are adjusting the compensation plan for the company’s Multi-Level marketers.

We renew our call for Enagic to upgrade its technology.

Alkaprime – The new kid on the block. Alkaprime is a newer company that caught our eye because of their use of proven technologies. The Alkaprime line offers entry-level, mid-grade, and top-of-the-line ionizers at discount prices. Alkaprime’s ionizers make a few reasonable compromises to achieve their value pricing.

What we like:

·        Value prices for higher quality

·        Comes with FREE pre-filters

·        Uses a well established manufacturer

New 2018 water ionizer models roundup

Life continues to be the leader in technology in the water ionizer industry. LIFE’s focus on constant improvement is what made LIFE our favorite brand, You simply are hard pressed to find better quality ionizers or a better informed company.

It’s unfortunate that Jupiter and Enagic both neglected to upgrade their water ionizers. Enagic has desperately needed to upgrade for years. Jupiter can at least be partly excused because their ionizers have always been reasonably priced for the technology you’re getting.

We plan to keep an eye on the Alkaprime line. They seem to be off to a great start. Despite the fact that Alkaprime is a new brand, we think they’re enough of a value to be worth a look.

The bottom line: If you want to buy with complete confidence, go with LIFE Ionizers. LIFE, once again, is our clear choice winner for best value in home water ionizers

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