Beware of the Artificially Alkaline Water Scam

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Beware of the Artificially Alkaline Water Scam

Beware of the Artificially Alkaline Water Scam

 A new alkaline water scam has been bilking consumers out of their hard earned cash. The “artificially alkaline water" scam attempts to scare consumers with claims that some water treatment devices make water “artificially alkaline”. But this is a scam because water is made artificially alkaline by adding slaked lime to it. This is commonly done by municipal water authorities to raise the pH of tap water to the EPA mandated level of 6.5. In fact, 20% of all US households are currently served by local water utilities that make water artificially alkaline.

Naturally Alkaline vs. Artificially Alkaline Water

Naturally alkaline water is any water found in nature that has a pH of greater than 7. If you have hard water, your water is naturally alkaline. Artificially alkaline water is made by adding an alkaline substance like baking soda to water. You make artificially alkaline water anytime you add baking soda to water.

The EPA considers artificially alkaline water to be 100% safe to drink. That is why they allow local water authorities to make artificially alkaline water. Claims that there is any risk whatsoever from drinking water that has been made alkaline by treatment are fraudulent. Water is water, its quality depends on how well it is purified, and what its mineral content is.

Water ionizers make better alkaline water

Artificial alkalinity scams are often perpetrated by companies that sell overpriced water filters. Artificial alkalinity scammers try to trick people into believing that the water made by their filters is somehow better for you than alkaline water. But that's not true. In fact, one company called Aqualiv sells alkaline water filter systems that make artificially alkaline water. They then accuse water ionizer companies who don't make artificially alkaline water of making artificially alkaline water!

A alkaline water filter system simply can’t produce alkaline water with the same high antioxidant potential of the alkaline water made by a water ionizer.  Many of these alkaline filters sold by the artificial alkalinity scammers are of very poor quality. They are overpriced and have little or no effect on water quality.

Water ionizers make naturally alkaline water

Alkaline water from a water ionizer is naturally alkaline water. It's similar in nature to water from protected mountain springs. This is because natural spring water and alkaline water from a water ionizer both get their alkalinity from the minerals in water nothing is added to it.

Alkaline water from a water ionizer is sweet and refreshing like fresh mountain spring water because the waters are very similar. Both waters provide nutritious alkaline minerals in hydrate form. This is why alkaline water from a water ionizer is so good for you.

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