What is the Best Bottle for Alkaline Water?

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What is the Best Bottle for Alkaline Water?

What is the Best Bottle for Alkaline Water?

Since alkaline mineral ionized water is optimized when it is generated, people want to drink it fresh from their water ionizer whenever they can.  Many people don’t have an ionizer at work or when they travel so they want to be able to store their healthy water for consumption later on. 

The most popular bottles are

  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Stainless steel 

    Glass bottles

    Many people like the idea of glass but the darn things actually break if you drop them!  There are some new glass bottles out that have a rubber or bamboo body protecting the outside but they cost around $25.   Glass bottles do preserve the taste nicely but the pH (alkaline) level and the ORP (oxygen reduction potential) dissipate within a day. 
    There is one glass bottle that we really liked and that is the Life Energy bottle.  This
    unique light-protected glass technology called LIFE Energy™. This innovative technology protects water from the visible light spectrum, only allowing healthy and energizing invisible light waves through the glass to imbue your drinking water with a healthy, hydrating positive molecular structure.

    What this means to you is that your water is more than just purified and ionized—it's energetic and will protect your water from the damaging effects of visible light!


     Plastic BPA-free bottles

     The advantage of these bottles is that they are break resistant.  There are major concerns about BPA, so make sure any water bottle you buy is BPA-free.  Plastic bottles preserve the alkaline and ORP levels not quite as good as glass bottles.  Some of the water ionizer companies distribute these bottles with built-in handles and stainless steel caps.  One company we reviewed actually sold the bottles at wholesale cost

    because their logo is on the bottle.  This seemed like the best value to us.    These bottles sold by ionizer companies are usually 2.2 liter or one gallon sizes.   They are also reusable which is good for Mother Nature!


    Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel – reminds me of Superman!  Pretty much break-proof but normal stainless steel bottles do not preserve pH (alkalinity) nor ORP.   But we did find one company that offered a very attractive stainless steel bottle that actually extended the alkaline and ORP levels 300% longer than glass or any other bottle we found.  It also is a thermal, double-walled bottle that keeps liquids hot and cold.  The bottle also has a built-in handle to carry it.

    Environmentally Sound

    All these bottles we reviewed are good for the environment.  We believe that people should fill them up with the water from their home ionizer and then bring them to work or travel with them.  Think of all the plastic bottles that won’t end up in the landfills and the bodies of water on our beautiful Planet!

    To look at the best selection of bottles we found at the best prices, click here and start drinking healthy alkaline mineral ionized water wherever you are!

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