Why you should avoid Cheap Water Ionizers

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Why you should avoid Cheap Water Ionizers

Recently, the US has been flooded with cheaply-made water ionizers from China and Taiwan. While this might seem to be a boon to consumers looking to save money in the short run, there are a few problems with these ionizers buyers need to be aware of:

Cheap Water Ionizers ARE NOT Certified Lead Free

The news has been filled with reports of Chinese-made products that have been found to contain lead and other poisons. According to the Washington Times, in 2010, the FDA rejected over 9,000 different products from China after they were found to contain toxins like lead. These dangerous products included not just toys, but also medical equipment like orthopedics and cardiograph machines!

The chances that an unsafe product will be caught are slim; the FDA inspects about 1% of all imported products. Worse yet, just because a product is rejected by the FDA doesn’t mean it won’t end up in your home. Chinese exporters routinely re-ship products that have been refused entry by the FDA.

How to Avoid Lead-Tainted Water Ionizers

To avoid lead, insist on ionizers that are certified lead-free by the Water Quality Association (WQA). Popular ionizers like LIFE Ionizers and Enagic are certified to be lead-free by the WQA; but there are no Chinese or Taiwan -made water ionizers that are certified lead-free by the WQA.

Problems with the Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 and all the other cheap ionizers

A prime example of a poorly-made Chinese water ionizer is the Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0. Companies advertising this machine try to make it seem comparable with mid-range 7-plate ionizers, but a closer look reveals several problems with this machine:

·         Not certified lead-free by the WQA

·         Single filter not NSF certified for toxin reduction

·         Weak transformer power

·         Poor performance – Tested pH range of 6.9 – 9.5

·         “Lifetime” warranty covers repairs for only 5 years

Not Certified Lead Free – More and more Chinese products are being flagged for containing lead and other toxic substances. For this reason alone you should avoid Chinese or Taiwan-made products!

Uncertified Single Filter – The National Safety Foundation (NSF) tests water filters and certifies them for minimum guaranteed reductions of chemicals like chlorine. The Aqua-Ionizer’s single filter is not certified by the NSF, so there are no guarantees that this filter actually works!

Weak Transformer – Chinese products often use obsolete technology because it is available cheap. The transformer in the Aqua-Ionizer is no exception. It produces only 150 watts of power, which is considered inadequate by modern standards

Poor Performance – In testing, the Aqua-Ionizer was only able to produce a 9.5 pH at max power and the tap water we used to test the machine was already an 8.5 pH! The machine was barely able to overcome our test water’s alkalinity for the acid water test; it was only able to produce a 6.9 pH at maximum power!

The worst thing about the Aqua-ionizer’s poor performance was the weak antioxidant –ORP level. At maximum power, we were only able to reach a -52 mV –ORP, meaning the water had almost no antioxidant power!

Very Limited Warranty -

The Aqua-Ionizer machine claims to have a lifetime warranty, but if you read the fine print, you’ll find its actually only a 5 year warranty. After 5 years, the company may replace parts, but you are on the hook for labor. Plus, where do you find a technician who knows how to repair a Chinese made product?

Cheap Water Ionizers – You get what you pay for

There are always reasons that a product can be sold for much less than its competitors, and those reasons have a lot to do with manufacturers that cut corners in an effort to make something as cheaply as possible.  The Aqua-Ionizer is a perfect example, the manufacturer cut corners by avoiding having their machine certified for lead by the WQA, and avoided having their filter tested by the NSF.

 To top it off, the ionizer is so underpowered that it can barely affect the pH of the water that goes through it! In fact, you can get an alkaline water filter pitcher like the LIFE Ionizers Pitcher of LIFE for about $50 that can reach the same alkaline pH level that the Aqua-Ionizer did. In short, we rate the Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 a Do Not Buy because of poor performance and lack of certifications.

Want to find out which water ionizers are safe for use and actually work? Contact our water ionizer experts today at: (800) 920-3792

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