Enagic® vs. LIFE Ionizers®: Under the Counter Ionizers

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Enagic® vs. LIFE Ionizers®: Under the Counter Ionizers

Enagic® vs. LIFE Ionizers®: Under the Counter Ionizers

Mounting your water ionizer under the counter is a wonderful idea. It saves space on the counter, and if you get the right under counter ionizer, it can contribute to the look of your kitchen as well. Enagic® and LIFE Ionizers® both offer under counter versions of their top of the line ionizers, but that’s where the similarities end.

LIFE Ionizer®’s under counter mounting system is designed to enhance the look of your kitchen. The system uses a brushed stainless faucet with digital controls that mounts on your sink. You operate the system entirely from the faucet controls.

Enagic®’s under counter mounting system has two parts, and there are wires running between them. There is a faucet that mounts on the sink, and a separate control box you have to mount on the wall. If you do not want the wires to your Enagic® control box exposed, you may need to call an electrician to help you run the wires inside the wall.

 Use and Appearance

Enagic® - In our opinion, there is no contest between LIFE’s under counter system and Enagic®’s. The wall unit that operates Enagic®’s ionizer looks like it belongs in a laboratory. The faucet isn’t much better with its navy grey base. The controls are easy to use, however.

The Enagic® under counter option adds about $980 to the cost of the machine, which means it costs nearly a third more than the LIFE under counter option does! You must order the under counter option at the time you order your Enagic® ionizer, you can’t upgrade later.

 Enagic® - Battleship grey controls probably won’t look good in your kitchen 

 LIFE Ionizers® - Brushed stainless faucet has a contemporary look

LIFE Ionizers® -
LIFE Ionizers® faucet is simple to install, easy to use, and far more attractive than Enagic®’s. The controls are easy to read and mounted in faucet, so you don’t have to find someplace to hang a control box like you do with Enagic®.

You can order the under counter option with your ionizer, or get it afterward. LIFE Ionizers® 7700 and 9100 ionizers are both convertible, so you have the flexibility to upgrade later. The LIFE under counter conversion package is $597

 Why we like LIFE Ionizer®’s Under the Counter conversion better than Enagic®’s

·         Looks Better – Faucet has a modern look that goes well with contemporary fixtures

·         Easier to Install – Faucet mounts to sink, no extra wires to run or holes to drill

·         Convertible – You can upgrade your ionizer later if you choose

·         Savings – You save $383.00 

 Enagic® sorely needs to upgrade their under counter package. Most other ionizer manufacturers offer a faucet mounted controls so you don’t have to mount an extra box in your kitchen. If you are looking for an under the counter water ionizer LIFE Ionizers® is clearly the best choice.

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