Echo 7 Water Machine Review

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Echo 7 Water Machine Review

The Echo 7 Water Machine is billed as a hydrogen generator, it’s supposed to fill your glass of water with hydrogen. But our testing revealed that this machine does not generate much, if any, hydrogen.  Generating hydrogen from water requires a lot of power, over 1000 watts in fact. This machine doesn’t have anything near that, it puts out 232 watts maximum. The Echo 7 Water Machine isn’t a hydrogen generator, it’s basically an underpowered 7 plate water ionizer with a huge price tag.

Echo 7 Water Machine Facts

The Echo 7 is a seven plate ionizer, it has 5 MESH plates and two flat plates. We like the fact that this machine is convertible, you can use it countertop, or undercounter with Echo’s optional faucet kit. We don’t like the fact that this machine has just a single filter. With all the toxins that can be present in water, one filter just isn’t enough. The Echo 7 costs $2,395, for that price you can get a much better quality machine, that makes much better quality water.

The manufacturer claims that this machine has a flow rate of between 2.5 and 3 liters per minute. But we found that if you run the machine at it’s maximum flow rate, the maximum pH level it can produce drops way down. In reality, you have to run this machine at a rate of 1 - 1.5 liters per minute for it to be able to alkalize your water to any reasonable extent.

Echo 7 built by a company no one’s ever heard of

A red flag That caught our eye instantly about this machine is that nobody in the water ionizer industry has ever heard of the company that makes it. The Echo 7 is distributed by a company called Synergy Sciences, which is owned by a man named Paul Barattiero. The company hails him as an “industry expert” but nobody in the water ionizer industry has ever heard of him either.

You should beware of buying water ionizers from companies that spring up overnight, led by “experts” that no-one’s ever heard of. Lots of water ionizer buyers have been burned by companies that sell them a machine, and then disappear. If that happens, you’d be unable to get replacement filters for your machine - so you’d be stuck with a worthless pile of junk.

Echo 7 Water Machine performance

To get this machine to ionize water to any decent extent, we had to slow the flow of the water down to about 1.2 liters per minute. At that rate, we were able to get a maximum alkaline water pH of 10.3, with a maximum antioxidant potential of -490 Mv. Keep in mind that ionized alkaline water gets its antioxidant benefit from the hydroxyl ion (HO-), which is composed of a hydrogen atom and an oxygen atom. For a machine that is supposed to make hydrogen, it had an incredibly low antioxidant potential.

Echo 7 water machine stats:

  • pH range = 4.5 - 10.3
  • Antioxidant potential = -490 mV.
  • Flow rate = about 1.2 liters per minute
  • Price = $2,395
  • Limited Warranty = 5 years labor, lifetime on parts

Is the Echo 7 worth the price?

No. This machine’s performance and inadequate filter system doesn’t justify its $2395 asking price. For $398 dollars less, you could buy a LIFE Ionizer M7C, which is also a convertible seven plate ionizer - convertible ionizers can convert between countertop use and under counter use. But you get a lot more for your money. The M7 comes with customized filtration that targets all the toxins in your water, which means you receive four (4) filters instead of one (1) like the Echo 7 provides. It has a higher flow rate than the Echo 7 and it makes better quality alkaline water.

LIFE Ionizer M7 stats:

  • pH range = 2.5 - 11.0
  • Antioxidant potential = up to -700 mV.
  • Flow rate = 2.5 - 3 liters per minute
  • Price = $1,997
  • Warranty = 10 years labor, lifetime on parts

Bottom line: There are a lot of ionizers that are better than the Echo 7, for a lot less money.

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