Top 5 2015 Water Ionizer Machines Compared

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Top 5 2015 Water Ionizer Machines Compared

Compare Top Water Ionizer Machines

Thank you for stopping by our top 5 water ionizer machine comparison page. Enagic, Life Ionizers, Alkaviva, Jupiter, and Chanson are the top 5 most popular water ionizers sold today. Each of these brands has strengths and weaknesses. So which one should you buy? To find out, we put each of these alkaline water machines to the test. There are three things that make a water ionizer the best value for your money:  How healthy the alkaline water is that the machine makes, how well the company that makes the ionizer backs their machine, and what benefits and features the machines have.

What makes alkaline water healthy?

There are four things that determine how healthy alkaline water is: Purity, pH, alkalinity, antioxidant potential. Here’s why these things are important:

  • Purity - How well are toxins filtered out by the ionizer?
  • pH - How high of a pH can the ionizer reach?
  • Alkalinity - How well can the water made by the water ionizer neutralize acidity?
  • Antioxidant potential - How much age-fighting antioxidant potential does the water have?

Purity: The best ionizers have custom filtration that is designed to target the toxins in your water. Only two of the ionizers in our test - Alka Prime and Life Ionizers - have custom filtration. Two other machines - EOS and Chanson - have multiple filters, which is good, but they aren’t customized so they don’t filter all toxins found in your water. One machine, the Enagic SD-501 has only a single filter, which is inadequate. It doesn’t filter heavy metals or salt from your water.

pH: For good health, you need both alkaline and acidic waters. The best machines can reach an alkaline pH of over 10, and an acidic pH down to 3 or lower.

Alkalinity: Measures how much acid the alkaline water can neutralize. To test this, we use a can of soda (pH of ~ 2.5) and measure how much alkaline water it takes to neutralize it to a pH of 7.

Antioxidant potential: This is probably the most important thing to look at. The antioxidant potential of alkaline water is what fights aging and disease in the body, you want it to be as strong as possible. Machines that reach an antioxidant potential of -800 mV or higher are the best. One ionizer in our test - the Life Ionizers -  actually guarantees that you get the highest antioxidant potential at drinkable pH levels - an important factor to consider since this is the most important health benefit of alkaline water.

What benefits and features make an ionizer great

Convertible, under counter, or countertop? Have you decided whether you want your ionizer to work on the countertop or under the counter? Why not both? The best water ionizers are convertible water ionizers. A convertible ionizer can be set up to run on the countertop, or under the counter, it’s your choice. Buy an ionizer that’s not convertible and you’re stuck with it, however, it’s set up. We recommend you buy a convertible ionizer.

Plates: The most important part of an ionizer is it's plates because that’s where tap water gets converted into alkaline mineral water. The best plates made integrate GRID Plate Technology, they are the toughest and most efficient plates on the market. Ionizers with GRID plates typically come with lifetime warranties on the plates because GRID plates are so reliable. This chart shows all plate types, from best to worst:

Plate type

GRID - Heavy duty and high efficiency

MESH - High efficiency

Flat - Good durability

Slotted - Low quality, cheap to manufacture






We recommend buying an ionizer with GRID plates, because they’ll last a lifetime

Power: All modern water ionizers have SMPS power supplies because SMPS is energy efficient and more powerful than older, transformer-based power supplies. All of the machines in this comparison have SMPS power supplies except for the Kangen machine. It has the older transformer based power supply, one of many reasons we don’t recommend the Kangen machine.

UV light: is used to address bacteria, viruses, and cysts that may be present in water. Think of it as an insurance policy: If your tap water gets infected with harmful microbes, UV light is designed for this situation. Only the best water ionizers offer this, and it’s usually an option.

Warranty: Mid range machines should have at least a 10 year warranty, and the plates in the machine should be guaranteed for life. If the company only offers a short 3 - 5 year warranty,  the company doesn’t believe in the quality of their machine. So you shouldn’t either. The Kangen machine actually has one of the most limited warranties, it’s only covered for 5 years on parts and labor.

Introducing the 5 brands of ionizer we tested

To make this test as fair as possible, we decided to test each brand’s seven plate ionizer. We chose the seven plate system because these are usually the mid-range version of each company’s ionizer, and mid-range priced ionizers are the most popular machines with consumers.



Alka Prime S7C


Enagic Leveluk SD-501 Platinum


EOS Platinum


Life Ionizers M7


Chanson Miracle Max


Alka Prime S7C

At $1,687 the Alka Prime 7 is the lowest priced seven plate ionizer in our comparison. Don’t let the low price fool you, this machine is packed with features that make it an outstanding value. The only area where the Alka Prime comes up a little short in is it’s antioxidant power. It reaches an antioxidant potential of up to -600. That’s better than some more expensive ionizers, but not as strong as we’d like.

Water Quality

Purity: Customized filtration (best)

pH range: 4.0 - 11.0

Alkalinity: 76 ounces of level 4 alkaline water to neutralize one can of soda

Antioxidant potential: Up to -600 mV

Machine Quality

Convertible: No, countertop only

Plates: Flat standard, MESH optional (better)

Power: SMPS (best)

UV light: Available as an option (best)

Warranty: Seven years, parts and labor (good)

Enagic Leveluk SD-501

The Leveluk SD-501 is also known as the Kangen Water machine. It is the most expensive 7 plate ionizer sold, but this machine’s performance doesn’t justify it’s $4,000 price. The Kangen machine used to be considered a great machine - 15 years ago. But time has marched on and left the Kangen machine behind.

Water Quality

Purity: Single internal filter (worst)

pH range: 4.5 - 10.3

Alkalinity 96 ounces of level 4 Kangen Water to neutralize one can of soda

Antioxidant potential: Up to -500

Machine Quality

Convertible: No, countertop only

Plates: Flat only (good)

Power: SMPS (best)

UV light: Not available

Warranty: 5 years, parts and labor (Poor)

EOS Platinum

The EOS Platinum is a truly underwhelming machine. It costs $300 more than the Alka Prime S7C, but gives you less antioxidant potential, and lacks custom filtration. It just makes no sense to pay $300 more and get less quality. It’s a shame because the EOS machine uses modern components, so it should be able to perform much better. The EOS’s problem is that it is underpowered and it uses cheap slotted plates. The cheap plates and lack of power means that this machine just can’t give you the acid-fighting alkalinity and age-fighting antioxidant power you need to tackle tough health challenges.

Water Quality

Purity: Dual internal filters (good)

pH range: 4 - 10.5

Alkalinity: 94 ounces of level 4 alkaline water to neutralize one can of soda

Antioxidant potential: Up to -500 Mv. (Tied with Kangen machine)

Machine Quality

Convertible: No, countertop only

Plates: Flat only (good)

Power: SMPS (best)

UV light: Not available

Warranty: 3 years, parts and labor (worst)

Life Ionizers M7

The Life Ionizers M7 is the most powerful machine in this comparison, and it shows. It delivers alkaline water with an antioxidant potential of up to -700 mV, and neutralizes a can of soda in our alkalinity test with just 68 ounces of alkaline water. So this machine gives you the highest age-fighting antioxidant potential and acid fighting alkalinity. You also get Life’s award-winning customized filtration, so this machine delivers the highest water quality possible. The Life M-series has been our favorite ionizers ever since they came out because these machines give you more for your money than any other ionizer.

Water Quality

Purity: Customized filtration (Highest water quality)

pH range: 2.5 - 11 (best)

Alkalinity: 68 ounces of level 4 alkaline water to neutralize one can of soda (best)

Antioxidant potential: Up to -700 mV (highest)

Machine Quality

Convertible: Yes (best)

Plates: Flat standard (good) GRID optional (best)

Power: SMPS (best)

UV light: Available, optional (best)

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on parts, 7 years, labor. (best)

Chanson Miracle M.A.X

The Chanson Miracle M.A.X. suffers from the same problem the EOS Platinum does: It’s underpowered. To try and make up for the machine’s lack of power, Chanson installed a port that you can put salt into to boost the machine’s performance. The problem with that is: Salt used in a water ionizer makes sodium hypochlorite - which is bleach! NEVER drink alkaline water made with salt. Even if you wash this machine out after using salt in it, some residue remains. We are deeply concerned that Chanson is endangering public health by not warning people about the dangers of making chlorine products like bleach in a drinking water ionizer.

Water Quality

Purity: Dual internal filters (good)

pH range: Without salt, 5 - 10.2 (poor)

Alkalinity: 96 ounces of level 3 alkaline water to neutralize a soda

Antioxidant potential: Up to -500 mV. (Tie with Kangen machine)

Machine Quality

Convertible: No

Plates: Flat standard (good) MESH optional (better)

Power: SMPS (best)

UV light: No

Warranty: 10 years warranty on parts, 5 years labor (good)

7 Plate water ionizer comparison winner: Life Ionizers

The Life Ionizers M7 gives you a lot more for your money than any other 7 plate ionizer. It makes the best quality alkaline water, with the highest acid-fighting alkalinity and the highest age-fighting antioxidant potential. The Life machine also has the best filtration, the most power, and longest warranty. If you are looking for the best mid-range water ionizer, the Life M7 is it. If your budget is a bit tight, we recommend springing for the Alka Prime S7C, it’s not as powerful as the Life machine, but it’s strong enough to place a solid second in our comparison.

Need help finding the best water ionizer for your budget or looking for the best LIFE Water Alkaline Reviews? Give us a call at 1 877 367-0658 for a free, no obligation consultation

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