The Best Water Ionizer for Hard Water Problems

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The Best Water Ionizer for Hard Water Problems

The Best Water Ionizer for Hard Water

Water ionizers have a serious problem with hard water: They convert the bicarbonate minerals in tap water into hydrate minerals, and those hydrate minerals are more prone to leave deposits than the bicarbonate minerals they replace. The best water ionizers for hard water tackle this problem in two ways:

  • Anti-scale filtration
  • Advanced cleaning systems

There is only one brand of ionizer on the market today that includes both of these features: Life Ionizers. All other brands make you pay extra for anti-scale features - if they are even available. Some brands, such as the Kangen Machine, can’t be made to work with hard water.

LIFE Ionizers Anti-scale filtration

LIFE Ionizers is the industry leader in alkaline water filtration, a fact that many of their competitors even acknowledge! Every new LIFE Ionizer comes with filtration that is customized by LIFE to ensure that LIFE customers are drinking the purest water possible. LIFE actually evaluates your local water quality using the annual water quality report that your local water utility provides the EPA. If LIFE finds that your water is too hard, they will give you the filters needed to condition it for use in your water ionizer.

Hydrogen XL Technology

Life Ionizers anti-scale filtration and their advanced Dual Action Reverse Cleaning system combine to make Life Ionizers the most reliable hydrogen machines on the market. Scale build up is a serious problem with hydrogen machines. When the machine splits water molecules to make hydrogen, the hard water scale is left behind. Life Ionizers come with Hydrogen XL technology which prevents scale from sticking to the plates in the machine. Hydrogen XL technology ensures that Life Ionizers will reliably produce molecular hydrogen for as long as you own your machine.

More than just anti-scale The custom filter system that LIFE provides will protect you from more than just hard water buildup. Your filtration system will be customized to address contaminants that are reported to be in your water supply. So your filtration system will do more than just protect your ionizer from hard water damage - it will protect you from toxins.

Advanced Reverse Action Dual Cleaning (patent pending)

LIFE Ionizers uses a proprietary cleaning system called RADC: Reverse Action Dual Cleaning which makes LIFE Ionizers more capable of clearing hard water deposit buildup than any other ionizer. The process is patent-pending, and I can tell you that in Water Ionizer Expert testing, LIFE Ionizers have consistently handled hard water better than any other ionizer we’ve tested. The RADC system, along with LIFE’s excellent anti-scale filtration make a real difference.

Lifetime Warranties: Why you can choose LIFE with confidence

So, all of the technology I’ve discussed here sounds great. Including anti-scale filters with your ionizer makes a ton of sense. So does the RADC system that was developed for hard water cleaning. But how well does it all work? It works so well that LIFE Ionizers guarantees their top-end units for life. If you have hard water, there really is no other choice: Get a LIFE

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