How to Purchase a Water Ionizer

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How to Purchase a Water Ionizer

How to Purchase a Water Ionizer

Most of the water ionizers manufactured today were made in Japan or Korea, as those countries have been researching and specializing in this technology for generations. But before investing in a water ionizer, you should investigate the various models and the features offered by each.

All water ionizers alkalize and ionize using the scientific process of electrolysis – but like everything else in life, you really do get what you pay for. When it comes to your health and that of your loved ones, it is important that you get it right.

There are solid reasons for the more costly ionizers because of their higher quality parts and engineering features, advanced circuitry plus the greater degrees of alkalization, sanitation as well as power output such water generators provide. The additional few hundred – even a thousand dollars more is worth the investment as what you are really buying is quality parts, guaranteed full service warranties with the added assurance your machine will operate at peak efficiency while lasting a decade or more *(far longer than cheaper models are capable).


Plate Size – The single most important aspect. The longer the water remains in contact with the plate’s surface area, the greater the effect the plate has on the water source. For highest quality water (fortified with maximum alkaline content, essential minerals and oxygenation – plus vital sanitizing properties) the ionizer you select should have the larger plate size.

Plate Quantity – The more plates there are, the greater (more powerful) their output will be. The NUMBER (and size) of the plates equals their combined surface area. Ergo, the larger the plates’ surface area, the better.

Design – Electrode plates are the most effective.

Plate Material – To be considered a quality water ionizer, it must contain plates that are made with titanium and platinum materials. Platinum-coated TITANIUM plates are SAFER, operate more efficiently and last at least two to three TIMES longer than imitations!

CONSUMER ALERT: BEWARE of deceptive marketing phrases: such as PLATONIZED TITANIUM (Platonized is not the same as PLATINUM). Just as diamonette is NOT a diamond. Such terms are utilized to IMPLY quality where there is none. Many unsuspecting consumers are deceived by such practices. But ideally, plates must be DOUBLE-DIPPED in real platinum (NOT merely “spray coated” which, like paint, is easily chipped). Be certain your ionizer is constructed of DOUBLE-DIPPED PLATINUM-coated TITANIUM plates.

ORP Ratings – ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) measures each machine s ability to create anti-oxidant properties (or its effectiveness in oxidizing (removing) contaminants. The LOWER the negative number, the BETTER its oxidizing/sanitizing properties.

pH (alkaline-acidic balance) Ratings – The recommended pH level for drinking water is approximately 9.5.

Power (the core of every ionizer) – No machine responds well to heat, which is why transformers are used to prevent ionizers’ over-heating. NOTE: the HIGHER the voltage used during the electrolysis process, the more powerful (beneficial) the water generated will be.

Active Carbon – Active carbon is the long time standard for removing chlorine.

Filter Life – This refers to the amount of use that you should be able to expect from a set of filters.

Cleaning Filters – Does the water ionizer come with a cleaning filter that can be used before changing filters?

Flow Control – How quickly or – slowly, water flows across the plates within your machine.

Flow Rate – How quickly – or slowly, water comes out of the ionizer. Flow rates typically range from 3/4 of a gallon per minute to over a gallon per minute.

Ease of Use – Absolutely/positively get a USER-FRIENDLY water ionizer. Everything about the water you will be drinking is determined by each machine’s proper settings. If you can’t understand all its functions or operate it easily, you are effectively taking “pot luck.”

Warranty – Your water ionizer should have a warranty (PARTS & LABOR) from a reputable manufacturer of AT LEAST three years. FIVE years – or more is even better.

Types of Water Produced – Your water ionizer should generate several TYPES of water – including strong alkaline and strong acidic water, as the alkaline and acidic properties have many different – VALUABLE uses that directly affect the health and well being of you and your family!

Please visit our comparison grids to learn more about the various water ionizers.

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