Water Ionizers Increase the Beneficial Effects of Anti-Oxidants

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Water Ionizers Increase the Beneficial Effects of Anti-Oxidants

Anti-oxidants are considered to be a vital component of health care; even western medical minds have (finally) come around to acknowledging anti-oxidants are key in prolonging and sustaining a healthy mind and body. Anti-oxidants also actively eliminate free radicals (excess acidity) in the human body that are blamed for most illnesses, disease and cancer.

Anti-oxidants produced by water ionizers work efficiently in the body, have greater potency that significantly enhances alkaline water’s extraordinary antioxidant properties.

How Water Ionizers Produce Antioxidants

Water ionizers produce negative hydrogen (H-) ions: powerful life-sustaining anti-oxidants that are a vital part of all life forms.

These “original” anti-oxidant (H-) ions (also called hydride ions) are responsible for life forming here on earth and beyond – as well as for the very sustainment of life itself. This antioxidant H- ion is found in raw organic foods and ancient water sources (glacial water run off, fresh springs and pristine unpolluted lakes).

The alkaline anti-oxidant water produced by water ionizers equals the source of natural ionization itself:

Water gushing down glaciers and mountains, high-altitude waterfalls … through velocity, gravity, atmosphere and violent impact form an interaction of life forces, ionization. Simultaneously elemental reactions produce essential life minerals that immediately bond with ionized water.

Incredibly powerful anti-oxidants produced by ionization micro clusters alkaline water molecules, condensing their form into evenly shaped hexagonal structures, reducing their size (by half) allowing the micro-clustered bursts to more rapidly and efficiently penetrate the body’s cells. The curative properties of alkalinity combine with potent anti-oxidants, boosted by the increased rate at which they are absorbed by the body, are the perfect formula for ensuring long term wellness.

Using a scientific method called NMR spectroscopy, researchers proved that electrolysis changes and condenses water clusters, resulting in alkaline water that is more easily absorbable as well as fortified by essential minerals.

Anti-oxidants have higher pH levels which help bring an overly acidic body back into balance. The anti-oxidant properties of ionized water are enhanced by its concentration of alkalized minerals (magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium) made even more effective by the ionizer converting these minerals into colloidal form.

Inorganic minerals are converted into colloidal form by water ionizers, making them more readily absorbable with a higher degree of efficacy.

NOTE: While milk producers claim you get all the calcium you need from milk, this is not true because calcium in THIS FORM is not easily digestible. In liquids like milk, the inorganic minerals they contain are not much use because the body cannot easily absorb them.

Tests have also shown ionized alkaline water increases anti-oxidant effects of vitamin C (as compared to tap or bottle water). Anti-oxidant alkaline water also cleanses the blood of toxins (cholesterol, heavy metals, inorganic substances) to create a healthier inner environment in which the blood moves more freely throughout the body.

These anti-oxidants also cleanse the body’s own natural filters (liver, kidneys, lymphatic system* etc) boosting their efficacy in removing deadly acidic toxins.

*About the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM: It is the body’s US Postal Service
The importance of anti-oxidant repair & flushing mechanisms: The lymphatic system (organs, ducts, nodes) transports a watery fluid (lymph) that delivers immune cells and other elements throughout the body. Interacting with the blood circulatory system, the system drains fluid from cells/tissues. Its immune cells (lymphocytes) prevent antigens (viruses, bacteria, toxins) from invading the body. The lymph system functions are to:

  • COLLECT/return interstitial fluid (& plasma protein) to the blood to help maintain fluid balance
  • DEFEND against disease by producing lymphocytes
  • ABSORB lipids from the intestine and transport them to the blood

SUMMARY: The importance of increasing circulation throughout the body cannot be overstated. Ionized alkaline water can help boost hydration and have a positive impact on circulation.

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