Alkaline, Ionized Water – Hydration at Its Best!

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Alkaline, Ionized Water – Hydration at Its Best!

Alkaline, Ionized Water – Hydration at Its Best!

We have so many choices when it comes to water. And, one can wonder…is water just water? We certainly don’t think so.

We do know that water has a pH value which indicates potential health benefit or damage to our health. We also know that we can measure the oxidation reduction potential of water…that is, its ability to decrease oxidation in our body.

For optimal health, we strive to neutralize acidity and reduce oxidation, thereby slowing the aging process. Alkaline ionized water is a healthier form of water, with significant and beneficial anti-oxidant properties. We offer proven technology through our water ionizer, filtering and purifying ordinary tap water and passing it through an electrolysis chamber, producing alkaline water for drinking and acidic water for skin care.

This alkaline, ionized water has been used for health care in hospitals in Japan for the past 35 years and is now available in the United States. In nature, we have alkaline water for drinking whereas the acidic hot spring waters are for skin cleansing.

Sadly, our tap water can no longer be consumed without worry. If we learned that the water we are drinking is increasing our risk for disease and speeding up the aging process, would we continue to drink it? The human body can maintain optimal health with a balanced, alkaline diet.

Ingesting too many acidic foods and beverages, most notably carbonated soft drinks, can lower the body’s natural pH levels to dangerously acidic levels, which can be a breeding ground for disease. By consuming alkaline, ionized water, a person may restore his or her body’s proper pH balance and perhaps even become more alkaline, which would be great for anyone’s health.

Dr. Hiromi Shinya, developer of the Shinya method to remove polyps during a colonoscopy, and Chief of the Endoscopy Unit of Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, drinks and recommends alkaline, ionized water. Well-known author of The Enzyme Factor, Dr. Shinya provides dietary guidelines on how to avoid disease. Invest in the future of your health. Test the pH and ORP values of your drinking water. Never buy bottled water again.

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