Water Ionizer Machine comparison | Life Ionizers vs. Alkaviva

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Water Ionizer Machine comparison | Life Ionizers vs. Alkaviva

Water Ionizer Machine comparison | LIFE Ionizers vs. Alkaviva

Two dollars. Price-wise, that’s all that separates the LIFE Ionizers MXL-11 from the Alkaviva Vesta GL water ionizer. But the reality is, these two machines couldn’t be more different. One of them is definitely better than the other. The LIFE MXL-11 is an 11-plate ionizer with up to 800 Watts of power. The Alkaviva Vesta is only a nine plate ionizer with  just over 200 Watts of power. The LIFE Ionizer also has a custom filtration system where the Vesta relies on one-size-fits-all filtration. 

A special word of warning about Alkaviva

Alkaviva recently took over business operations from Alkafresh, a company based in Australia. The takeover was a coup-like attempt done without permission from Alkafresh. Currently, there is a legal dispute pending in Australia that puts the future of both Alkaviva and Alkafresh in doubt.  We recommend avoiding both brands of ionizer due to the legal uncertainties surrounding both companies.

LIFE MXL-11 vs. Alkaviva Vesta: pH and ORP

pH: LIFE’s  MXL-11 has nearly 4 times as much power as the Vesta, and it shows. The MXL-11 can reach a pH range of 2.0 - 11.8. That makes it a match for your toughest health challenges. The Vesta can only reach a pH range of 5.5 - 10.5, so it isn’t nearly as powerful as the M-11.

ORP: Antioxidant strength is another area where the MXL-11 clearly beats the Vesta. The MXL-11 can reach an antioxidant potential of around -880 ORP. That is quite high. In fact, Life Ionizers guarantees that you’ll get the highest antioxidant potential possible at pH levels perfect for daily drinking (about a pH of 9.5).

The Vesta reaches an antioxidant potential of around -500 ORP. That's is pretty low for a nine-plate ionizer. Life’s MXL-11 is actually the first water ionizer that was designed for clinical use. It’s not surprising to see it generate medical-strength water. Alkaviva does not guarantee the antioxidant ORP performance of their machine the way Life does.

Water Filtration

Both of these machines come with dual internal filters. But the Life MXL-11 also has an additional custom-configured filtration system. It targets the contaminants unique to your water. The system is customized based on the information in your local water quality report (supplied by your local water utility to the EPA every year) Life Ionizers customizes your filtration system with the right filters for your water quality. With the Vesta, it’s left to chance whether or not the machine will filter the toxins in your water. If you want custom pre-filtration with the Vesta, you have to purchase it at additional cost. Plus, you’d have to find out what contaminants are in your water. Life Ionizers does that research for you, and gives you the right filter at no charge.

Flow Rate: How fast do you want to get your alkaline water?

The MXL-11 can flow at about 4 ½ liters per minute, so it will fill up your gallon container in about a minute or less. The Vesta flows between 3 - 4 liters per minute. Closer to 3 than 4 if you want higher pH alkaline water. The reason the Vesta has such a low effective flow rate is that it lacks power. You have to slow the flow of water down to get good pH readings with this machine.

Warranty: One of these machines is built for Life. The other? Seven years

It just makes sense to buy a water ionizer designed to last as long as you do. How can you tell how long a water ionizer is going to last? Look at the warranty: The LIFE MXL-11 comes with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. The Vesta only comes with a seven year warranty on parts and labor. Clearly, LIFE Ionizers believes their machine is going to last, Alkaviva doesn’t.

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