Water Ionizer Review VIDEO | LIFE Ionizers M11 Under Counter

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Water Ionizer Review VIDEO | LIFE Ionizers M11 Under Counter

Water Ionizer Review VIDEO | LIFE Ionizers M11 Under Counter

Transcript: LIFE Ionizers M-11 Water Ionizer Review Video

Hi, I’m here today to show you the brand new 2014 Life ionizer next-generation M11UC under-counter water ionizer.  This system has 11 titanium platinum coated plate with up to 800 watts of power provided by an advanced SMPS power supply. It’s the same kind of power supply used in computers and flat screen TVs because SMPS has proven to be more effective and a lot more efficient  than other units that are built on older transformer technology. The LIFE M11 has a lifetime unconditional warranty all parts and labor so it’s guaranteed to last as long as you do when you drink the healthy water from it!  We did some research into that warranty, and found that it is the most comprehensive warranty you can get in a water ionizer.

 LIFE Ionizers M-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer Review, Presented by: Melissa with

The system comes with dual internal filter that takes care chlorine, chlorine residual gas, and sentiment. Plus it has an additional customized filtration system that’s set up to filter any contaminants that are unique to your local water supply. We check your local water authority’s annual report to the EPA, and if there are any VOCs,heavy metals, arsenic, fluoride or other problems we give you the filter to take those things right out of your water.

This machine is an undercounter system, so it comes with a dual output, chrome faucet with LED display panel with convenient touch controls up top. The M-11 is a convertible water ionizer so if you travel, had a second home, RV, boat, or anywhere else that you'd like to use this machine on the countertop, simply disconnect it from under the sink, and take it with you.

The LIFE M-11 was released in the summer 2013 and it’s had many updates since then. It's becoming quickly becoming the most popular unit we sell among large families, health practitioners and those who are looking for the top of the line systems.

Using the M-11 undercounter is easy, the system comes with a separate drinking water faucet

that has an LED panel that shows you which level alkaline acidic air purifier clean water you're getting. The controls up top let you scroll through those different levels.

Okay so now we're going to test the pH level this system can reach. it’s quoted to reach an 11 plus pH depending upon your water quality at level four. Let's see what we get here; so it's quickly climbing past 11 past 11.2, 11.3 to almost 11 and a half. This system can reach such a high pH level because of it’s 11 plates, and 800 watts of power it really can deliver this high pH water without need of any chemical additives. So as you see it so climbing up almost eleven point four. The pH level you’ll get from this or any water ionizer’s going to depend upon the quality of your source water.

The life ionizer next generation M-eleven is the first 11 plate system on the market, Life ionizers has always put out some of the best machines out there, and it's no wonder that the M-11 has become one of the top-selling, highest-rated ionizers on the market today.

The M-11 has a high flow rate hi output and high anti-oxidant potential. I would suggest this system for people as well as practitioners who are looking for the best water ionizer that they can find. If you're looking for the high pH range and great anti-oxidant potential that comes with strong healing water, this is definitely the perfect machine.

Give us a call at (877) 842-3272 if you have any questions. We can help you find the perfect water ionizer

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