Why does the Kangen Water Machine cost so much?

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Why does the Kangen Water Machine cost so much?

Why does the Kangen Water Machine cost so much?

If you’ve shopped around, you know that you can find lots of water ionizers for around $1,000 - $3,000 - except for the Kangen Water machine. The baseline Kangen Leveluk SD-501 costs $3,980. What you get for the money is a seven plate water ionizer, its a mid-range quality water ionizer. Seven plate ionizers from other Japanese or Korean manufacturers range in price from about $2,000 - $2,500. The Kangen Water machine costs a lot more than that despite the fact that it performs no better - and quite often not as good as - competing high-quality seven plate water ionizers that cost much less. So, why does a Kangen Water Machine cost so much? Because it’s sold through Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Products sold through MLM, such as Mary Kay cosmetics, and Amway home products, typically cost about twice as much as competing products sold in stores.

Why Multi-Level Marketing makes products more expensive than they should be

Do people who clean their home with Amway products have homes that are twice as clean as everyone else? Do women who use Mary Kay products look twice as attractive as other women? You would think they should, since those products cost twice as much  as store bought products, but they don’t.

The reason products sold through Multi-Level marketing are more expensive than store bought products is that several people get paid commissions every time a product is sold through MLM. In the case of the Kangen machine, eight people get paid a commission each time a machine is sold.

Kangen salespeople claim the reason the price of their machine is so high is because the machine has large plates, which have more surface area than other ionizers, so they require more platinum to coat properly. But the LIFE Ionizers M-13, a 13 plate water ionizer, has 285 square inches of plate surface area, that’s 95.5 square inches...50% more than the Kangen Water machine, which has 189.5 square inches of plate surface area.  So the LIFE M-13 has more platinum on it’s plates, and it costs $3,497, which is $483 less than the Kangen machine. Clearly, the amount of platinum on it’s plates isn’t the reason the Kangen machine is so expensive.

Is Multi-Level Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

Multi-Level Marketing is like a pyramid scheme, in that people who recruit people into their “downline” get paid any time a person in their downline sells something. So when a Kangen machine gets sold, the person who sold it and seven people above them in the downline get paid a commission.

In a pyramid scheme, people who recruit others into the pyramid get paid anytime somebody is recruited into the pyramid downline. That’s why multi-level marketing seems so similar to a pyramid scheme.. Multi-Level marketing makes products too expensive. The best way to buy any product, including a water ionizer, is to buy factory direct.

What kind of ionizer should you get for about $3,980?

For the price of a Kangen machine, you could get an undercounter LIFE Ionizers M-13. The undercounter M-13 comes with a stainless steel faucet that enables you to put your ionizer under the sink, instead of on the counter like the Kangen machine. The LIFE M-13 also has vastly superior filtration. The Kangen machine has only one filter, and that filter doesn’t remove heavy metals or salt if they are in your water supply. The M-13 comes with dual internal filters, and a customized external filtration system. The custom filter system is configured by LIFE Ionizers based on  information they find out about your water supply. LIFE finds out what’s actually in your water supply by reviewing the annual report that your local water utility submits to the EPA. That report lists any harmful contaminants that are in your water. LIFE then equips your water ionizer with the right filters to protect your from them. No other water ionizer comes with custom filtration, it’s a LIFE Ionizers exclusive.

LIFE Ionizers M-13 vs. Kangen Machine

  • 13 Plates - 6 More than Kangen
  • More Power: M-13 is adjustable up to 800 Watts vs. Enagic’s 230 Watts
  • Higher antioxidant potential (-ORP)
  • Triple filtered vs. Kangen’s single filter
  • Lifetime warranty vs. Enagic’s 5 year warranty
  • More acid fighting alkalinity

Get more for your money. Call Water Ionizer Expert at 800 920-3792 we’ll help you find the best ionizer for your budget and health needs.

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