Alkafresh Water Ionizers Review - Best Bargain 2018

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Alkafresh Water Ionizers Review - Best Bargain 2018

Alkafresh Water Ionizers Review - Best Bargain 2018

Looking for the best deal in water ionizers? Then you owe it to yourself to check out the Alkafresh series. These machines outperform many big name brand ionizers for hundreds less. What’s incredible about Alkafresh is the kind of technology you get for the price. These machines come with:

  • Water Ionizer Expert Exclusive! - FREE Prefilter system

  • MESH plates

  • Powerful SMPS Power Supplies

  • VItamin C Ceramic Block Filtration

You can’t get any of the above features standard in a kangen water machine - even at twice the price! Alkafresh water ionizers are one of the best deals you can find in the water ionizer market. The more you hear about them, the more you’re going to like them, here’s why.

Bargain price, Top-of-the-line performance

The top of the line Alkafresh unit is the Alkafresh 9, which sells here on WIE for $2,397. How does that price compare to other 9 plate units?

  • Kangen Water Machine - $3,980 - Only a 7 plate unit

  • Samsung Vesta - $2,995.00

  • Chanson - $4,995

  • LIFE Ionizers - $2,597

The Alkafresh 9 beats them all in price and beats all except for the Life Ionizer for pH and ORP. The Life M9 is more powerful, and has a longer warranty than the Alkafresh 9, so both of these machines are actually great values for the price.

How does Life Ionizers compare? Check out this 2018 Model Life water ionizers review

Alkafresh has 2 models to choose from

Alkafresh has two models, the Minimax has 5 plates, and their top of the line Alkafresh 9 has 9 plates. All Alkafresh ionizers come standard with MESH plates, a feature we like because it increases pH and ORP. They’re all powered by an SMPS power supply, and all come with Water Ionizer Expert exclusive FREE custom configured pre-filtration.

The benefit of custom configured pre-filtration

To ensure the purity of the water you’re drinking from a water ionizer, custom-configured pre-filtration is a must because everybody’s water is different. The contaminants found in tap water vary from city to city. This means that your tap water will have a unique blend of contaminants in it. The filters in a water ionizer are designed primarily to deal with chlorine, other contaminants in your water may not be addressed by your water ionizer’s filter. That’s where custom-configured pre filtration comes in. Here’s how it works:

  • Water Ionizer Expert obtains a copy of your local water quality report

  • We identify the contaminants that are unique to your tap water

  • A prefilter is selected to address those contaminants

  • Your Alkafresh ionizer pre-filter system is configured using that filter

That 4 step process ensures that you have the right filter to ensure the purity of your alkaline drinking water.

Alkafresh’s Variable flow rate

The Alkafresh 9 comes with a variable flow control. It's is a really neat feature that allows you to slow down the flow of water. Slowing downt he flow causes the pH and ORP to rise. This is helpful when you want high ph alkaline water for things like:

  • Making sports drinks
  • Detoxifying produce
  • Reducing the acidity of foods

The variable flow control makes it easy to get alkaline water at the strength you want.

How does the brand you’re looking at compare to Alkafresh? Ask an Expert

There are lots of water ionizer reviews out there, if you’re looking to compare another brand to alkafresh, and can’t find a comparison online, give us a call at 888 966-9792 and we’ll compare the brand you’re looking at to Alkafresh, or any other ionizer that you’re interested in.

Get the facts, talk to an expert at 888 966-9792

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