Bargain Basement Water Ionizers: Too good to be true?

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Bargain Basement Water Ionizers: Too good to be true?

Bargains can be found on practically every product including water ionizers. All the leading brands are no exception to this you will find discounts on practically any water ionizers. The notable exception to this is Enagic, they never offer discounts on their ionizers.

But what about those off-brand water ionizers that you can find out there?

Why are some ionizers found at seemingly incredible savings? Many cheap water ionizers are now being dumped on the market because they couldn’t sell them at the regular prices. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The plates in some cheaply made ionizers (such as the Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe) aren’t coated with platinum

  • Cheaply-made ionizers often simply don’t work

  • Some companies are desperate, and they’re unloading ionizers prior to going out of business

  • Many of these companies can offer huge discounts because their ionizers were way overpriced to begin with

Note: Water Ionizer Expert obtained a copy of a metallurgy test showing the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 had no platinum on it's plates. The plates were bare titanium

    Cheaply-made water ionizers

    These machines are usually sold for less than $1000. Keep in mind that the biggest cost in making a water ionizer is the machine’s plates and it’s filtration system. The plates are supposed to be titanium that is coated with platinum. Bargain-basement water ionizer manufacturers cut costs by skimping on the plates. They do this by either using very small plates, and/or by using plates with no platinum. All of this seriously affects the performance, safety, and hence the health benefits you would normally receive.

    Cheap plates don’t last very long, water ionizers with cheap plates reflect this fact in two ways

    • Very short warranties, typically no more than 1 - 5 years’ warranty.  They

      may tell you they have “lifetime” warranties but read the fine print, and they won’t be around to honor them anyway.

    • Low Power - Reducing power makes cheap plates last longer, but it also means the machine doesn’t work very well

      Testing on Chinese-made cheap water ionizers in particular reveals that these machine don’t increase the pH of water by very much. You should always check reviews on sites like Amazon, cheaply-made ionizers always have complaints from consumers because these machines just don’t deliver good alkaline water.

      Overpriced water ionizers

      You can spot overpriced water ionizers easily, these are the machines that you constantly find for “50% off” or more, all year long. You should ask yourself how they can actually make any money on a water ionizer that is constantly for sale at half price unless the machine was overpriced in the first place and even with the discount, it is still overpriced.  Don’t be tricked by this gimmick!

      Desperate water ionizer companies

      Companies in trouble financially will often “dump” their products on the market prior to going out of business. This makes sense from the perspective of that company’s owners. They’re simply cashing in prior to closing up shop.

      To you, it means something entirely different: It means that you get stuck with a machine that is no longer made. That means that when it breaks, there’s nobody that can fix it and you won’t be able to purchase filters anymore. All of a sudden that “bargain” becomes an expensive pile of junk, and you’re stuck with it.

      How to spot a real bargain in a water ionizer

      Look for an established company: The manufacturer of LIFE Ionizers is worldwide and has been selling and manufacturing water ionizers since 1996, well before many companies around today even existed. Next week will be LIFE’s 18th year selling ionizers in the US market! A well-established company will be there for you after the sale with technical support and replacement filters.


      Check out the warranty:. You should demand a lifetime warranty on parts and labor if you are buying a top-of-the-line model. You will find that bargain-basement ionizers never come with lifetime warranties and if they do they are offered by companies that only stay in business a couple of years and then open up under a different name.


      Check out the company’s endorsements: Is the company endorsed by healthcare professionals that use the company’s products in their practice? If a machine is no good, you can bet that numbers of Doctors and top athletes that use it will be limited.


      Look for water ionizers that are endorsed by doctors, physical trainers, and other healthcare professionals.


      Certifications - For your safety, insist on water ionizers that are certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) The WQA tests water ionizers to ensure your safety. If it isn’t WQA certified, it hasn’t been tested to make sure its safe for use!

      If all of the above things check out, and you can buy the ionizer on sale, then you can be sure that you are getting a bargain on a water ionizer that actually works!

      Yes! we offer special savings on the water ionizers used and preferred by more doctors, trainers, and clinicians. Call us today at 800-920-3792 for details.


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