LIFE Ionizer Reviews | 2015 M Series

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LIFE Ionizer Reviews | 2015 M Series

Alkaline Water Ionizer Reviews is excited to have obtained one of the first 2015 new models to come out on the market.  The new LIFE Ionizer M-Series are here and we’ve had a time to put them through their paces. LIFE Ionizers says that the M in their new M-Series ionizers stands for ‘More’ and we couldn’t agree more. The new LIFE M-9 gives the highest pH and -ORP readings we’ve ever seen at the machine’s maximum flow rate. We consistently get a pH of 11.3 or higher with a -ORP of 800 or more. To get anywhere near that performance with the more expensive kangen machine, you have to slow the flow of the water way down and then it doesn't even come close to this new 2015 M13.

























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LIFE Ionizers getting rave reviews

LIFE Ionizers has been the industry leader in water filtration technology from the very beginning, when water ionizers first entered the US market in the 1990’s. LIFE’s advanced filtration system allows these M13’s to maintain maximum water purity even at the machines’ highest flow rate.

Compare that to the single-filter kangen machine which may only remove 80% of the chlorine in water at the machine’s highest flow rate. (source Enagic website, SD-501 water filtering specifications). This means that you have to may have to run a kangen machine at a much slower flow rate and then still not obtain the  water purity that you would get from the LIFE M13.

LIFE Ionizers is able to maintain filtration performance at high flow rate because LIFE Ionizers come with a 3 filter system. Their ionizers have two internal filters which incorporate their patent-pending Vitamin C Ceramic Block technology. The advantage of a Vitamin C filter is that it is equally effective against chlorine and chloramines. The third filter is a custom-configured pre-filter system that LIFE’s water analysts select based on an evaluation of your local water quality report. Your municipal water authority has to file a water quality report annually with the EPA. The report lists the contaminants that were found in your water supply. The pre-filter system you get is selected to protect you from those contaminants and to extend the life of your internal filters. LIFE Ionizes is the only water ionizer company that gives you a pre-filter system when you buy a water ionizer. All other brands make you pay extra for a pre-filter system.

pH and -ORP to the Max

As we mentioned earlier, if you slow the flow rate down, you get higher pH and -ORP. We tried this with the new LIFE M-9 and we got alkaline water with a pH of 12.1 at -880 ORP! We have never seen a home water ionizer reach that high without chemicals. The kangen water machine uses chemicals to reach that high, but you can’t drink the alkaline water it makes. This is because strong kangen water is actually a dilute solution of bleach!

At maximum flow rate, the LIFE M-Series makes alkaline and acidic water that is strong enough to optimize your health. You get alkaline water strong enough to neutralize the acidity of your favorite fruit juice. Or my personal favorite, alkaline water strong enough to alkalize your body for maxing out your workouts!

The new LIFE M-Series make strong acid water as well. This makes the M-Series the perfect ionizer for your hair and skin. I rinsed my hair with acidic water from the M-9 at a pH of 3 (your hair and skin’s healthy pH range is 3 - 3.5). The rinse was amazing, my hair is almost 3 feet long, and that pH of  acidic water just rinses the tangles right out! (That’s why I ended up taking the new M-9 home with me!)

Max Power and Max Plates - Why the LIFE M-Series Water Ionizers are so powerful

The reason the LIFE M-Series gives such amazingly high performance at maximum flow rate is that LIFE Ionizers has equipped them with new, larger plates, an ionization chamber that was designed specifically for high performance, and a huge amount of power.

The nine plate LIFE M-9 has a higher plate surface area than the kangen water machine, and a lot more power. LIFE calls their new plates MAX Plates, and they come with a GRID option that increases the pH and -ORP performance of the new M-Series by as much as 15%.  The M11 and M13 have even larger total plate surface areas.


The New 2015 M Series with the New 2015 Heavy-Duty GRID Plate Technology™ with MAX Plate: 8 layers of Platinum over Industrial Titanium.

LIFE bumped up the power of their SMPS power supply to match it up with those great big plates. The LIFE M-9 can reach as high as 500 watts! This makes the LIFE M-9 the most powerful home water ionizer in the world.

LIFE’s Maximum Water Ionizers come with a Maximum Warranty

The LIFE M-9 comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty, that means your new LIFE Ionizer is designed to last as long as you do, and given the purity and strength of the alkaline water made by LIFE’s new M-Series, you will probably be around for a long time!

The new M-Series have style

LIFE’s new M-Series has been completely restyled from their previous 7700 and 9000 series ionizers. The controls are located on a beveled panel along the top of the ionizer which makes them very easy to operate. The M-Series comes with a larger display too, which is bright and easy to read. The machines case is very sleek, with a surprisingly small footprint that helps these machines fit in small places.

Undercounter M-Series ionizers come with an attractive stainless steel faucet with built in controls. Compare that to the Kangen Water under counter ionizer which has controls that are separate from it’s faucet. This means that with the under counter kangen machine, you have to cut holes in your wall and run the wire behind your wall. This makes the under counter kangen unit a lot more difficult to install! Enagic’s faucet and control unit are also pretty ugly, if you value the look of your kitchen, avoid the kangen machine.

Bottom Line - LIFE Ionizers 2015 M-Series Water Ionizers

LIFE’s new M13 -M Series definitely backs up LIFE’s claim that M is for More. These new ionizers give you the strongest pH and -ORP performance at high flow rates, optimized for daily drinking. All that performance is backed by LIFE’s industry leading filtration system, so you get the purest alkaline water possible. The bottom line on these new M-Series is that they are the absolute best value for the money. You owe it to yourself to check out the new M-Series before you choose your new ionizer.


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