Water ionizer vs reverse osmosis: Which is healthier?

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Water ionizers purify water and make water healthy, reverse osmosis systems purify water but don't add anything healthy to it. The alkaline water made by a water ionizer is much better for your health than the water from a reverse osmosis system because reverse osmosis treatment removes the minerals in water that you need for good health. If you have a reverse osmosis system, you can make your water healthy to drink by adding minerals to it, that process is called remineralization. If you want to make your remineralized reverse osmosis water substantially  healthier, run it through a water ionizer.

So should you buy a reverse osmosis system? That depends on how bad your water quality is. If your water contains toxins that can’t be filtered out by normal filters, you should buy a reverse osmosis system. If the toxins in your water can be filtered by normal filters, you don’t need reverse osmosis.

Is your water toxic enough to need reverse osmosis? Call us today at 800-920-3792 and we’ll find out for you.

How reverse osmosis works

A reverse osmosis system uses a series of filters and a special membrane to filter water. The reverse osmosis process removes everything; minerals, toxins, and sediments. What comes out of a reverse osmosis system is 95 - 99% pure water. But there’s a problem with pure water, it’s not good for you.

Chemists call water “the universal solvent” because water can dissolve almost anything! The more pure the water, the more power it has to dissolve things. If you drink pure water, it will try to dissolve you! Pure water can leach minerals from your tissues and bones. That’s why you want to remineralize reverse osmosis water, so it provides minerals to your body.

How a water ionizer works

A high quality water ionizer has 3 to 5 filters to remove contaminants, and for many people, that’s all the filtration they need. What makes a water ionizer different than a filter system like reverse osmosis is that the ionizer then uses a process called electrodialysis which raises the pH of the water by changing the chemical composition of the mineral compounds in tap water.

Tap water has calcium carbonates and magnesium carbonates in it. When you run it through a water ionizer, the electrodialysis process splits the minerals from the carbonates. This changes those mineral carbonates into mineral hydrates - calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide. These mineral hydroxides are more alkaline than the mineral carbonates they replace, so the pH of the water becomes more alkaline.

A water ionizer generates acidic water at the same time it makes alkaline water. The acidic water contains the carbonates that the water ionizer split off from the minerals, and any positively charged contaminants that may still be in the water. The acidic water is amazing for your hair and skin - I wouldn’t wash my hair without it!

Alkaline water with mineral hydroxides is good for your health

The mineral hydroxide-rich water that a water ionizer makes have benefits for your health that plain water doesn’t. The water’s alkalinity is capable of overcoming an acidic body condition called metabolic acidosis because it can raise blood pH by 40 - 70%, if blood pH is too low. Alkaline water from a water ionizer is also easier for your body to absorb than plain water, so you get better hydration. Those mineral hydrates are also good for you, they contribute to the daily supply of essential minerals that you need for good health. They are also the reason alkaline water tastes better than plain water. Alkaline water tastes so much better, you can tell the difference blindfolded.

Why you may need reverse osmosis and a water ionizer

If your water is loaded with toxins, that a water ionizer’s filters can’t get out, you should get a reverse osmosis system and a water ionizer. They work together to filter toxins from your water and make it healthy to drink. This kind of system has three parts:

  • Reverse osmosis - Removes toxins from your water

  • Remineralizing filter - Puts the healthy minerals you need back into your water

  • Water ionizer -  Health benefits

    • Raises the pH of your water to healthy alkaline levels

    • Creates antioxidant -ORP potential

    • Hydrates better than plain water

This three part system will ensure that your water is free of toxins, loaded with healthy minerals, and has a health benefits. Water Ionizer Expert can supply you with a coral calcium remineralizing filter for your reverse osmosis system that will put healthy coral calcium in your water and 74 other essential minerals that you need to get every day for good health.

Let us help you make your water healthy to drink. Call us at 800-920-3792 for a free, no obligation healthy water consultation. Your health is worth it

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