Alkaviva Vesta Water Ionizer: 10 Point Inspection

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Alkaviva Vesta Water Ionizer: 10 Point Inspection

The Alkaviva Vesta is a nine plate ionizer that costs about $3,000, but lacks the power and plate size of machines in this price range. Alkaviva claims that this machine performs as well as ionizers with larger plates and more power, but ou
r testing revealed otherwise. This machine struggles to get past a pH of 10 at it’s full flow rate unless you slow the flow rate way down.

pH and ORP tests over time

If you slow the flow rate down to about 3 liters per minute, you can get a pH of about 10.5 out of this machine, but it tends to drop over time. The problem is that this machine’s small plates are prone to clogging with deposits. After just 3 months of use, a pH of 9.8 was the best we could get from this machine.

Likewise, the antioxidant potential dropped off along with the pH level. At first, we were able to get an ORP of -493. But after three months it plummeted to -375. We’ve tested a Life M5 that does as good as this and it is half the price. For a machine that costs as much as the Vesta does, that’s not acceptable performance.

Our Ruling: Fail. pH and ORP levels don’t hold up over time because this machine is prone to hard water deposits.


Toxins filtered out

The Vesta has a dual filter system that works well for most toxins. It has 13 stages of filtration and the filters should be able to go almost a year between changes. The filtration on this machine is good, but it could be improved with a pre filter

Our ruling: Pass. The filters in this machine are adequate for use


Quality of components

The components in this machine are of good quality, but it needs more power and larger plates. We like the fact that this machine has modern electronics, like an SMPS power supply and reverse action cleaning. But the plate size ultimately hurts performance, and we found this machine needed to run a cleaning cycle more frequently to avoid becoming clogged. We don’t like the fact that this machine is countertop only, you can’t use it under counter.

Our ruling: Fail. The plates are too small, and there isn’t enough power, for this machine to work well.


White glove installation available

We couldn’t find any installation services available for the Vesta. If you buy one, you’ll either have to install it yourself, or find a plumber who will do it for you.

Our ruling: Fail. Installation service is not available for the Vesta


Evaluate user experience with in home trials

The Vesta is easy to use, we like the large easy-to-read display. It even has voice recognition so you can command it by voice. But all that neat technology doesn’t make up for how long you have to wait to fill large containers

Our Ruling: Fail. The machine is easy to use, but you have to wait too long for containers to fill.


Maintenance: Is it easy, effective?

Maintenance is easy on this machine, but it would be nicer if you didn’t have to do it as often. Because of it’s limited plate size, if you have hard water you’ll find yourself either cleaning this machine frequently, or you’ll need to install a prefilter system on it.

Our ruling: Pass. Maintenance is easy on this machine, but you have to do it often


Warranties, return policy, user manual

The warranty for the Vesta is a “limited’ lifetime warranty. Among the limits of the warranty is hard water deposits, they aren’t covered. We found this machine to be prone to hard water deposits. Labor is covered for only  5 years, so this warranty really is quite limited.

Alkaviva has a 14 day return policy, which is way too short. We normally expect a 60 day return policy. The user’s manual is easy to follow and informative

Our ruling: Fail. The warranty is inadequate for a machine in this price range, the return period is too short.


Customer Service/Tech support

Alkaviva has had some trouble in the past with customer support. The company recently had a nasty break with Alkafresh, which sells this same machine in Australia. We do not recommend buying from this company unless they improve their customer service.

Our Ruling: Fail. Alkaviva is not a reliable company to buy from


How the ionizer compares to other ionizers

The Vesta comes up short against other ionizers in its price range. It has a lower flow rate, and doesn’t reach much above a pH of 10, unless you slow the flow rate way down. For the price, this machine isn’t worth it.

Our Ruling: Fail: The Vesta does  not perform as well as competing machines in this price range


Taste of the water

The water tastes as it should, sweet and slightly refreshing.

Our Ruling: Pass. The water made by this machine tastes as it should.

F. = Our Grade for the Alkaviva Vesta: 3 out of 10 for 30%

The lack of power and small plates really hurt the Vesta performance-wise, and that’s too bad. We like the continuous-reverse cleaning system, and the display is large and easy to read. But the Vesta needs more. It needs more filters, more power, and larger plates..

Let us take the hassle out of shopping for an ionizer with our 10 point inspection. Call us at 1 855 972-6752

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