Chanson Miracle MAX Royale | 10 Point Inspection

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Chanson Miracle MAX Royale | 10 Point Inspection

The Chanson Miracle MAX Royale is a 7 plate under-counter water ionizer. While the machine is attractively packaged,  it lacks power. The Miracle Max has only 150 Watts of power, and that lack of power limits its performance as well as the health benefits you’d get from it. To get good pH and ORP readings, you have to slow the flow of  water down to a trickle. To get this machine’s best pH performance, we had to slow the flow down to less than 1 liter per minute. This means you’ll be waiting 5 minutes to fill a gallon pot. T
he Miracle MAX is a good example of a machine we’d like if it had more power.

pH and ORP tests over time

At the Chanson’s full flow rate, we got a pH of 10.2. When we slowed it way down, the pH level improved, but still got nowhere near the pH that Chanson advertises. It gave us a slightly acidic pH of 6.3, nowhere close to the pH of 1.8 that Chanson claims It turns out that you need chemicals to reach a pH that high (or low) with this machine, but if you do use the supplied chemicals, then you can’t drink the water made by this machine. The salt chemical supplied makes bleach when run through this machine. We strongly recommend not making bleach with your drinking water ionizer. It can endanger your health.

Over time, this machine readings remain consistent. We got a pH of 10.1 at full flow rate and a pH of 6.4 on the acidic side. This machine is seriously handicapped by the lack of power.

It has the same problem with antioxidant power. At the full flow rate, we got an ORP of -324 which is barely adequate for health purposes. With the flow slowed all the way down, we got the ORP up to -489, better but still not great.

Our ruling: Pass, but just barely. pH and ORP readings do hold up over time, but they are inadequate from a machine that costs nearly $3,000.


Toxins filtered out

The Chanson Miracle MAX Royale has only a single carbon filter, it’s not adequate for dealing with the wide range of toxins in your water. This filter will not be effective against chloramines, for example. It is a basic activated carbon filter that will filter chlorine and some metals, but that’s about it. For this machine to have good filtration, you would have to add a pre filter system at your expense. Since this machine is already overpriced, it’s just not worth it.

Our ruling: Fail. This filter is inadequate for the wide range of toxins in today’s tap water.


Quality of components

The plates on this machine are large, but flat. Chanson claims that the way the platinum is layered on the plates make them hyper efficient, but our pH and ORP testing showed that this machine did not exceed our expectations, so the plates are nothing special. The Miracle MAX uses a transformer power supply, and it’s underpowered, so we don’t like the power supply on this machine. The Miracle MAX has only a single filter, which is inadequate. We do like the attractive stainless steel faucet, however

Our ruling: (with the exception of the faucet) Fail. The power supply and filtration system need upgrading.


White glove installation available

We do not know of any installation services for the Chanson ionizers.

Our ruling: Fail.


Evaluate user experience with in home trials

The Royale is easy to use, we like the viewscreen on the faucet. What we really didn’t like is how long it takes to use this machine. To get good pH and ORP levels you have to slow the flow of water through the machine way down. It was so bad that our in-home tester resorted to using their own personal ionizer for the big jobs like filling pots for cooking.

Our ruling: Fail. The machine is easy to use, but it takes too long.


Maintenance: Is it easy, effective?

Maintenance on this machine is easy. You just add some citric acid powder to the mineral injection port and run a cleaning cycle anytime you want to deep clean it. The ease of maintenance is actually our favorite aspect of the Chanson line of ionizers.

Our ruling: Pass The Miracle MAX Royale is easy to maintain


Warranties, return policy, user manual

The Miracle Max Royale comes with a limited lifetime warranty for manufacturer’s defects on parts. By limited, Chanson means they only expect their ionizer to last 10 years. Labor is only covered for 5 years. For a $3,000 machine, this warranty is inadequate, we’d expect parts and labor to be covered for as long as you own the machine. Chanson has a 60 day return policy, which is standard in the ionizer industry. The user’s manual is easy to use, we had no trouble setting up or using the machine

Our ruling: Fail This machine should come with a full lifetime warranty. Quality machines in this price point should be expected to last your lifetime, not just 10 years.


Customer Service/Tech support

Customer service and tech support are handled at Chanson’s Laguna Hills, California company headquarters. They are easy to reach and are knowledgeable about their machine.

Our Ruling: Pass Chanson has good customer service and tech support


How the ionizer compares to other ionizers

The Miracle MAX Royale could be a great ionizer if it had enough power and flow rate, but it doesn’t. For example, the LIFE Ionizer M7 undercounter costs $498 less than the Chanson, but it can reach much higher pH and ORP levels without slowing the flow rate down. The reason the LIFE machine beats the Chanson is simple: The LIFE M7 has 450 watts of power, vs the Chanson machine’s 150. So for almost $500 less, you can buy an ionizer that’s three times more powerful than the Chanson machine. The LIFE machine has a better warranty, and comes with free custom configured filtration. It’s a lot more machine for a lot less money.


Our ruling: Fail The Miracle MAX Royale’s limited power means it can’t keep up with other brands on the one thing that matters most in a water ionizer: The quality of the ionized alkaline water it makes.


Taste of the water

The water made by the Chanson tastes sweet and refreshing. We just wish it didn’t take so long to make it!

Our ruling: Pass The water from this machine tastes good.

F = Our grade for the Chanson Miracle MAX Royale: 4 out of 10 for 40%

We were disappointed with the Royale. It’s a good looking machine, we really love the faucet, but it just takes too long to fill a container. We expected better pH and antioxidant ORP levels than what we got, and that really hurt this machine in our inspection. After all, you buy a water ionizer to get healthy water, so it makes sense that the most important feature of any ionizer is going to be how well it makes ionized alkaline water. This machine just takes too long, and doesn’t give the pH and ORP levels you’d expect from a $3,000 machine.

Get the right machine the first time. Let us take the hassle out of shopping for an ionizer with our 10 point inspection. Call us at 1 855 972-6752

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